Single, Double or Triple Glazing- What’s Best for Your Property?

With so many options now available on the market, it can be difficult to know what type of glass to choose when installing windows or doors in a property.

From structural and decorative glass to high-security and insulated glass, finding the perfect glazing solution that both works well and matches your budget can be a struggle. That being said, the team here at KM Glass Design are experts when it comes to all things glazing and can offer expert help and advice when you’re looking for the best glass to suit your individual requirements. In this blog, we will explain the differences between single, double, and triple glazing and run through their unique benefits for you and your property.


Single Glazing

Many decades ago, single glazing was the most popular glazing solution but this was due to a lack of options rather than anything else. As suggested, single glazing is a type of glass panelling that uses only one pane of glass to cover the window, door, or other entryways. While single glazing offers a unique, classic, and traditional look, this type of glass is not insulated and can be easily broken, putting your home at risk regarding break-ins. Here at KM Glass Design, we wouldn’t recommend single glazing for main doors or windows, but recommend this solution for internal glass structures such as internal doors and windows. As well as being a cost-effective solution, single glazing can give some sense of security and privacy while still letting in plenty of light and airflow.


Double Glazing

Single Glazing is, arguably, the most popular glazing choice, offering fantastic insulation, security, and versatility. Here at KM Glass Design, we provide an extensive range of double glazed glass for windows, doors, and other property structures. Our double glazing can be tailored to suit your exact needs and also comes in digital print design to feature images, logos, feature messages, and more. In a country with weather as changeable as Ireland, double glazing can keep your property warm, comfortable, and secure with ease.


Triple Glazing

While double glazing performs well in terms of insulation, triple glazing goes one step further, using three panes of glass for better security, insulation, and structural integrity. Triple glazing is a more expensive glass than single and double glazing, however, it works extremely well in terms of insulation and is recommended for exposed properties in colder climates. While triple glazing is often used for the glass in windows and doors, it can also be used for structural glass in properties, keeping your property safe and structurally sound by using those extra panes. KM Glass Design provides a wide range of triple glazing solutions suitable for almost all glass structures in the home and office.


Still unsure of the best glazing solution for your unique needs? Get in touch with the KM Glass Design team today.


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