Who Can Use Digital Print Glass? KM Glass Design Explains

As well as our extensive range of bespoke single, double, and triple glazing for domestic and commercial use, KM Glass Design provides bespoke digital print glass for use in all types of properties.

Unlike glass painting or stained glass, digital print glass digitally renders artwork or text onto glass using specialist machinery and works as a permanent solution that can be used decoratively or informatively in the home or office environment. From logo printing to intricate designs that will wow visitors, we offer a wide selection of digital print glass products to suit all requirements.


Commercial Digital Print Glass

Perhaps our most popular use for digital print glass is in the commercial sphere, where companies print informative text and logos on the windows and doors of shops, offices, and other workspaces. Unlike outdated signage, digital glass design that shows your company logo, business ethos, and other useful information is a modern and sleek way of marketing that is virtually timeless. At KM Glass Design, we use cutting-edge technology to print a range of colours and fonts onto glass, meaning you never have to compromise when it comes to the overall look and branding of your company. With past projects including digital printing on everything from structural glass walls to small internal windows, we work closely with clients to make sure your needs are met perfectly before beginning your digital glass design job.


Decorative Digital Print Glass

While commercial digital print glass is popular, decorative glass in homes is becoming increasingly sought after in recent years. Unlike corporate printing, decorative digital print glass allows homeowners to inject creativity and colour into the home while also offering a totally unique and long-lasting piece of artwork that is sure to wow visitors for years to come. Whether you want to invite colour into your home by installing a colourful digitally printed glass mural into a bay window or just want something dainty, like images of nature printed into a frosted glass window, the options are endless with our domestic digital print glass services. As a glass design option that’s suitable for use on single glazing, double glazing, and triple glazing, digital print glass can be installed virtually anywhere in the home for guaranteed versatility and individuality.


Whether you want to create a timeless marketing piece in your office or just want to add some unique flair to your home, the options are endless when you choose digital print glass from the KM Glass Design team.


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